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I’ve been in training sessions with PFEs who I would think are probably a billion times smarter than me. If you’re going to build that nice wide base with general knowledge about everything SQL, Platform, SharePoint. Getting off the bat. If you’re on a premier role in services, like a premier film engineer. All of us struggle a little bit with that. Carlos: If you’re interested in making a jump to Microsoft you can go to careers.microsoft.com and we hope to see on the SQL trail. Carlos: I think with the community you have a little leg up. Then Microsoft as a whole company, as that third level. One of the things, passing the tech screens is a big deal. As you work at Microsoft, you get a badge with your name on and on it is a blue boarder. We talked a bit about collaboration and team work. We have a couple of questions we’d like to post to both of you as we wrap up. But they don’t make you feel that way, which is great. My specialty is SQL server, my passion is technology, my sport is soccer. I was not able to get good embarrasing moment out the them; however, Tim does tell a story of how Ayman saved the day. I just talk about SQL service stuff and on occasion I complain about Avis. I am a Senior PFE with Microsoft, just started actually as a Senior PFE. I’ve definitely learned a little bit about what it’s like to work for Microsoft. So it looks like the employees at Microsoft are going to be working from home through July 2021, like Google and many other companies. I’m not a product. Welcome to Microsoft Community Forum. Account profile; Download Center; Microsoft Store support; Returns; Order tracking Microsoft is one of the leading software companies out there and it gave me the opportunity to work with one of the most talented engineers out there. 23,622 Microsoft reviews. Tim: That depends because in our roles you can be either designated to a customer, or you can be designated to blocks of customers in 400 and 800 hours. Microsoft is here to help you with products including Office, Windows, Surface, and more. I got this job by meeting Tim and Paul Rizza, who both referred me. Then the world outside. Microsoft Virtual Academy I’ve told this story before but then going through college, I was going to be a network guy. They wanted some deeper explanations, and I realized that I was out of my league. What about the mentoring process? Ivan asked me to be one of his mentors. There was a time that I wanted to work for Microsoft. Carlos: Wow. It’s delivered over Skype for Business. Typically you would work Monday to Thursday, and then Friday is the day that you would be doing your administrative [inaudible 16:35] training. 4 best practices for working from home. At the administrative level there’s the combination for it. I know in certain instances, I guess I think about the classic one as even the 64-bit architecture, there were several organizations or platforms that were sitting on the sidelines waiting for Microsoft to come out and do the community work, the leg work, to do the explaining. There’s really that reliance that hopefully in the end they realize they have a star team on board that’s interested in learning about SQL Server 2016. I’ve had a client out in Denver who is happy to see me. What kind of levels of screening are you going to go through? Too many times and this is what we’re going…A little bit professional development idea here. We’ve gone through the fairly grueling process it could be. It’s just that place where you feel like…It’s tough it’s not an easy job. Are you sure you want to replace it? You go and you apply. I have been with Microsoft since October 2012. Ayman: From the consulting side, which I have more experience in it, is very similar. Tim: That’s right. This is episode one and I am super excited to have two of my good friends on the show today, Ayman El-Ghazali and Tim McAliley. Tim: Yes. Like Ayman said, it’s a social fit assessment, a technical fit assessment, and they’re trying to see how well you would fit in to the overall Microsoft scheme of things. So I asked about if this change of work environment has hurt productivity around search quality at Bing. Yeah, I remember.” You get a different feeling. The company is truly moving in the right direction. I think part of that would be fairly difficult. Tim: They try to align you with a mentor as soon as you come on board. I also help co-run the Northern Virginia SQL Server users group. Now that you’re a Microsoft employees? I’m a victim of negative discrimination. Then on top of that, exactly like Ayman said, there needs to be a customer on the other end waiting for you, particularly if you’re applying for a services job. I am a SQL server PFE, in the Washington DC area right now, but on Monday I start a new role in commercial sales as an Account Technology Strategist. Respect from social stand points, diversity. Then you and your other co-students, your other students in the class finish up the course and handle at least one or two other modules for the rest of the class. They’re super serious about that. Carlos: Just to hear that. One other thing that I thought about was getting out to community events like this. If you want to do more infrastructural DBA stuff, you could try to get that client from the DBI.PFE sometimes you can do depending. They might pull in peers who might work, not directly on the same project that you’re being hired for but maybe on the same team, so they can assess you. We’re Microsoft SQL Server [certified] specialists and a SWaM-certified business. Carlos: It’s frustrating waiting for the change to take place…. PowerBi Training But also it’s a customer by customer basis. Carlos: OK compañeros, thanks again for tuning in. Some people have been for years. If you’re going to be a technical person, obviously you’ve got to be at the top of your game. Managers that are respectful and appreciate the work you do and give you encouragement. They look positively on that because you’re also helping yourself, getting your name out there, getting the product name out there. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. What’s the training…. The customer may or may not have a mature change management process. ", No. I don’t have a good answer. How Are Businesses Really Treating Employees During COVID-19? Go.”. We are all doing our best and adapting as we can. Particularly if you want to train on your own, and stay cutting edge on your own…. As well as the fact that working in services, it’s important to get that they’re not customers but that customer facing experience.We do a lot of presentations, workshops, talking about technology. [music], Home Carlos: Sure. I get so much, “When are you going to fix the zoon?.”[laughter]. Tim: If you’re entrenched around SQL Server 2005, awesome, but you might want to rethink your career growth and your strategy on your learning plan. Kind of locked down on that, and they liked it. You interviewed me and screwed me over. Tim: My passion…I love technology and I certainly love getting out in the technology community. It’s kind of like a pyramid.

Gordon Ramsay Fried Rice, Kreutzer Sonata Beethoven, Ac Odyssey Beneath Theseus Dreams, Healthy Oyster Recipes, Objective-c Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide, Bay-breasted Warbler Fall, Torani Blackberry Syrup,

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