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Some of the CBA student organizations are: Accounting Club, Beta Alpha Psi, Beta Gamma Sigma, The Business Student Advisory Board, The Finance and Investment Group, Collegiate Entrepreneurship Organization, Latino Association of Business Students, American Marketing Association, Management Leadership Association, National Association of Black Accountants, Information and Decision Sciences Organization, INFORMS, UIC has over 300 registered student organizations. Courses close because a maximum enrollment capacity is placed on each course. I'm pursuing a dual-degree at UIC: a BS in finance from UIC Business and a BS in biological sciences. Students will register for a non-credit course (BA 395) to complete this requirement. These courses have the same prerequisites—senior standing and completion of all other Business Core courses. Students are required to meet with an academic advisor three times each semester until they are no longer on probation. After completing the required math courses, students must enroll in Business Statistics (IDS 270). All new transfer students are assigned an advisor and should meet with them during their first semester. Skip to the content of this page, If a student’s request is approved, the College of Business Administration will serve as the primary college. See. BA 100, BA 200, BA 289, BA 320, ESL courses, MATH 090, and Academic Skills Program courses do not carry academic credit and will not be used in computing the grade point average, but will be used for the purpose of determining full- or part-time status, and for financial aid eligibility. Students can meet hundreds of company representatives and learn about employment trends, salary ranges, and corporate cultures through student organizations and campus job fairs. At UIC Business, our expert faculty provide a real-world education to meet the challenges of today’s business environment. Tutoring is available in the College of Business Administration Business Learning Center during the fall, spring, and summer semesters, the Honors College, the Writing Center, and the Mathematical Science Learning Center, as well as many other support programs on campus., Undergraduate Programs:, Administration:  For the past four years U.S. News & World Report has ranked the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Business Administration the #1 business program among accredited undergraduate business programs in Chicago. As the case may be, these generated school names are diverse, including junior high schools, high schools, universities, technical schools, art schools, etc. Students are in “good standing,” “on probation,” or “dismissed.” Students can check their academic status after each semester on my.UIC. UIC awards credit on the basis of scores earned on the College Level Examination Program (CLEP). When seeking credit for a CLEP exam taken at another institution, a student's official score will be evaluated on UIC's credit-granting policy. As a supplement to your professors and advisers, Business Connect is here to help you succeed with your academic goals, enhance your experience as a UIC Business student and help facilitate a successful future beyond your time on campus. All courses taken and all grades will remain on the official transcript. Students who have been dismissed may not appeal on the grounds of intention to repeat courses. The ranking places UIC among the top 15 percent of the 467 programs accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), the primary accreditation organization for business schools. If approved, a Request for Independent Study Form must be completed and approved by the academic department before registering for an independent study course. Students should consult their academic advisor if they are uncertain about their course requirements. The maximum course load is 18 hours per semester (12 hours between the two summer sessions). Students may take the integrative course in any department, not necessarily in their major. Certain courses may not be repeated; students should always consult their CBA academic advisor before repeating a course. Although the grade point average excludes courses taken on the credit/no credit option, a student who fails a course taken under this option is ineligible for the Dean’s List. Get feedback from their instructors before the drop deadline to determine if they are succeeding in their classes. The deficit may occur in the UIC GPA, the program GPA, or both. As Chicago’s only public research university with more than 33,000 students, 16 colleges, a hospital and a health sciences system, UIC provides students access to excellence and opportunity. Completion of one of these programs will be noted on the official UIC transcript upon graduation. Each instructor may establish specific attendance requirements for his/her course. The instructor is responsible for making the attendance policy clear to the students. UIC’s business school opens real estate department. Accounting and Finance students may start with the core courses in their major. Students should select the mathematics track that matches their preparation and career goals. The hours count in the calculation of tuition, full- or part-time enrollment status, and financial aid eligibility. A benefit of studying at UIC Business is the access students have to a bustling metropolis. The UIC Business Liautaud Graduate School at University of Illinois--Chicago offers these departments and concentrations: accounting, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, general … Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 to 4:45. A student cannot take a CLEP exam in a subect in which they have earned credit. Kinesiology courses. Achieve a minimum UIC cumulative grade point average of 3.50. Students should consult the department office for specific procedures regarding enrollment in independent study courses. Students in the Accounting degree program must take enough electives to reach 45 hours of General Course Requirements. The CBA’s official mode of communication is through UIC email. The following guidelines list the minimum requirements to be considered for admission to the College of Business Administration: See the Office of Admission Transfer Guide for more information about transfer admission requirements. All graduating seniors are required to meet with an advisor for a graduation check the semester before they plan to graduate. The last 30 hours of course work must be taken in enrollment residence at UIC. Some students may be required to take prerequisite math courses prior to enrolling in the required math courses. CBA academic advisors and departments will have discretion in choosing courses that impact the student's major or degree program. The CBA offers Honors/Business Scholars courses each semester. The College of Business Administration transforms student potential into success. Located in the heart of one of the world’s great cities, the University of Illinois at Chicago is a vital part of the educational, technological and cultural fabric of the region. A secondary goal of the class is to learn and practice building effective teams. The College of Business Administration is accredited by AACSB International—The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. Hello! Students interested in pursuing a dual degree should submit a formal request via general petition to the undergraduate programs office. The accreditation ensures that the business program delivers what is promised. Department Honors are awarded when a student graduates and are noted on the UIC official transcript. Students must be on clear academic status, not on academic probation; Students must be enrolled full-time at UIC; Only one course per semester may be taken on the credit/no credit option; A maximum of 21 semester hours of credit/no credit course work can be earned at UIC. Students must satisfy the university’s General Education requirements by taking classes from various subject areas.

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