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My friend Bryan says the frozen acerola purée is “actually very good,” and I believe him, because this juice shot is tart and sour, like a green strawberry. And you can have them all. Hip2Save® is a registered trademark of Hip Happenings, LLC. I realized in 2020, it really is the small things that make life easier! …awwww! Life can be enriching, inspiring, and artful. We’re selling Trader Joe’s Double Dozen Tulips for the we-can-hardly-believe-it-ourselves price of $10.99 per Double Dozen, while they last, only at Trader Joe… I’ve been wondering where I can find them this year!!! The selections and the service was great!! It is unrelentingly sweet, but a “fun” alternative to fig jam for your elaborate TikTok cheese platter. Do you know your squirts from your splurts and splatters? They made they’re amazing Brioche Bread GLUTEN-FREE!!!!! Wafer cookies filled with peanut butter—crisp pastry that yields to dissolving peanut butter cream—that you dunk in raspberry jam. Over the summer I tried the watermelon spread—avoid unless you like eating lip gloss—but this is much better. Gray-purple space Frisbees that have a fun spongy texture and sweet potato flavor. If only TJs had curbside, contactless pickup it would be perfect! Kensington was pumped when I came home with this Chocolate Chip Cookie Baking Mix too! Every room will look more inviting with a vase full of Tulips! I’m so glad you shared the gf pie crusts from Trader Joe’s!! The rest of my family love the chocolate chip or the chocolate ones, but my favorite is vanilla. All rights reserved. Head in to Trader Joe's where you can score some great deals on flowers and plants including a double dozen tulips! No content on this site may be reused in any fashion without written permission. I about cried. Okay! There are so many options (even more than this!) Thanks! We will be in Houston next week and have already planned another visit. Ohhhhh! I want to tell them, “In MY day, there were no acerola juice shots at Trader Joe’s. Another short-cut that I really like is Pamela’s baking mix – it comes in chocolate and vanilla. You are wearing a hemp necklace (braided, maybe even beaded), and suck on it during class when you’re bored. I’ve been GF for about 8 years now and I’ve missed making bread pudding because the gf bread options were just not good. My Trader Joe’s doesn’t have the gluten free brioche bread yet…. To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. This combo is heavenly!!! Then again, it might be dangerous! I will have to buy several more of these when I go back!! The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. Heavy on the parsley, unfortunate brown color. “Spread?” Please, this is Portuguese tomato JAM. Bon Appétit may earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers. Well, you gotta use nearly an entire tub of almond butter (~$4) and half a bear of honey (~$3) to make these, which makes them $10 bars, but then I guess you cut them into 16 bars so it’s still cheaper than store-bought bars with mountain ranges on them. Yes, yes, yes. YOU NEED TO TRY THESE. Thanks to you I bought the bibimbap bowl, mini panettone, and candy cane Joe Joes. I am one of those people who, this time of year especially, plan her Trader Joe’s shopping as an outing…like I’m going somewhere special not the grocery store. By using this site, you are agreeing to the site's terms of use. Almost 100% of the time I tell her to look it up at Mix and Match Mama!!! It’s an individual portion size too, so if you’re looking for just one g-free dessert/breakfast to have on hand for someone, here you go! The slimy bits of tomato skin will satisfy people who enjoy peeling off their sunburns. The texture, sort of a damp sea sponge, melts in your mouth and makes me want to eat more. The highlights of Trader Joe’s new fall snacks include jalapeño puffs, cinnamon bun cookies, and something called Kung Pao Chicken Mochi Balls. Looking for plants that don’t require a green thumb? These are NOT spicy, just very flavorful! That Inspired Chick, It’s just not in a great location, right?! STORES; CATEGORIES; ABOUT. I want EVERYTHING you mention, but find myself going back and forth to my grocery list. Enjoy!! Start the season off right by stopping at your local Trader Joe's and picking up these festive additions. I was so surprised to see lots of options that I’ve never seen before. Shay, I’m about to cry! I'm Shay! I like how I can pretend they’re long Cruella de Vil cigs—and their portability. Trader Joe’s Lately from July 2020 We’re selling Trader Joe’s Double Dozen Tulips for the double-down value of $10.99, while they last. Thanks so much for the post! Needless to say, this week when I went, I found a few new things that I couldn’t wait to share. Organic Nacho Cheese Flavored Corn Tortilla Chips. Starting with…, FRIENDS! As a certified chip expert (let me have this), I can confidently say that these need more technology (and maybe more fry oil) to go full Dorito. One late night during the weirdest, darkest times in our nation’s history, I made dinner out of these, my beloved TJ mac ’n’ cheese balls, and mini spanakopita while I yelled at the TV and scrolled Facebook Marketplace. Now these faux Pringles are astonishing. It tastes ropey. Have you ever seen a car seat after a kid ate Goldfish? Also for children and adults who need not be judged, these are little balls of granola bound by sugar that tiny humans can eat in their car seats without leaving too much debris. I wish I had a Trader Joes near my house! Thank you for all your wonderful support. The sunflower oil is probably chemically necessary to make this product, but it adds a musky flavor I don’t l-o-v-e. I should have sprayed my metal steamer with PAM or something because my dumplings stuck, tore, and leaked their gingery soup. I hear you like “not too sweet,” well, these dense and sticky bars are for you. A crispy sweet mochi shell yields to chewy, and the filling is sparse, leaving big gaping holes to squish into. I’ll haul myself out to Trader Joe’s ALL THE WAY to the other side of Mckinney…bc I want that truffle dip. So rich! Tastes like chocolate-dipped printer paper. I’ll let you find out. was mysteriously bland. They really have so many things AND they’re so helpful in store too!! I thought Raisin Bran might mask the flavor, but nope, I ate a bowl of soggy cardboard for breakfast. For a limited time, head in to Trader Joe’s where you may find great deals on flowers, bulbs and more! If you scroll down (it’s in alphabetical order! They’re sturdy and good for dipping in hummus or eating while standing in the kitchen thinking about what snack you’d like to have after this pre-snack. Like, imagine dipping these guys into Trader Joe’s best soup—roasted red pepper! Inside my new local Trader Joe’s in Ann Arbor, I compete with college students buying frozen samosas and acerola purée (more on that, uh, later). Given my closest Trader Joe’s is 40 minutes away, I always take 2 coolers…one just for “crack.”, Wow!! I’ve thought that many times before!! Plus, little chunks of softened apples, how digestible. Bahaha! ), but it’s really good toasted with jam in the morning as well. Maybe it’s better melted on pizza? …my Maple Apple Sausage Breakfast Casserole (and really, so many of my other ones too! Trader Joe's is stepping things up this year (as they do every year) in order to spread holiday cheer like no other. So good! Trader Joe’s Faves PART TWO. And WOW, these surprised me. Kind of like when I go to Hobby Lobby…it’s an experience, not an errand. Thanks again for sharing your hauls, and if in the future you might onsider adding a Trader Joe’s tab to your website (similar to your Amazon faves one), that would be amazing . I love them for afternoon snacking or as an addition to my charcuterie board. Shay, I LOVE your blog and I tell people all of the time that they need to check out your recipes and tips! However, that would be gross, like dipping cookies into salsa. I don’t know how you do it, but you truly are our very own Trader Joe’s fairy. If I were under the delusion that my body needed more protein, I’d happily purchase this to fulfill that invented need. I am so proud- she has learned well! My new fav Trader Joe’s lunch is the Riced Cauliflower Bowl. Cooking advice that works. Take even the smallest spoonful of this “spread,” and you will get SMACKED with super, super concentrated apple cider flavor. Love these PSL wafers. My plan is to do a complete Christmas Guide to Trader Joe’s Shopping soon, but for now, this is what I’m loving, and I wanted to share it with you before you did your Thanksgiving shopping. It’s just way too sweet, which is a bummer, because I thought “soup biscotti” would be a cool new thing. }. Ha!). I’ll get a holiday guide together soon for Trader Joe’s as well!!! You’ll get handfuls of just apricots and dried cherries here, which is great if you haven’t pooped in a few days.

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