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86, Classical Treasures Composer Series: Sergei Prokofiev, Vol. 119: pianist Sviastoslav Richter and cellist Msitislav Rostropovich. Chang and Pappano offer a fiercely communicative Symphony-Concerto (nb: EMI has reverted to the outmoded nomenclature of Sinfonia Concertante) and an equally distinctive, though more conventionally... As these heartfelt performances demonstrate, these are not cowed and dutifully conservative works…Van der Heijden plays with attractively songful tone throughout, rich yet grainy in her instrument’s... Christopher O’Riley’s pianism is assured…Haimovitz has a well-fed sonority for Prokofiev’s grandiose essay. 119, Shostakovich: Cello Sonata; Pärt: Fratres; Prokofiev: Cello Soanta, Prokofiev, Chostakovitch, Schnittke: Cello Sonatas, Prokofiev, Shostakovich: Cello Sonatas; Stravinsky: Suite Italienne, Prokofiev, Shostakovich: Sonatas for Cello and Piano, Shostakovich: Sonata, Op.40; Two Pieces for Cello and Piano; Prokofiev: Adagio; Waltz; Cello Sonata, Op.119, In The Shadow Of World War II: Cello Sonatas Composed In The Aftermath Of WWII, Janacek, Shostakovich, Prokofiev: Works for Cello & Piano, Shostakobich/Prokofiev/Stravinsky: Works For Cello And Piano, Shostakovich, Prokofiev, Stravinsky: Works for Cello & Piano, Prokofiev: String Quartets Nos. [4] It was not until a decade later, in 1984, that the first recording of the work was made by the British cellist, Steven Isserlis. - (8:30). The composer of the Sonata for cello and piano might seem a tame composer compared to, say, the composer of 1914's Scythian Suite; but he is really just a composer who has learned subtler, more patient, and, ultimately, clearer ways to fully speak his mind. 48, Kodaly, Janacek, Prokofiev: Sonatas pour Violincelle et Piano, Prokofiev: Visions Fugitives, Op. Browse: Prokofiev - Cello Sonata in C major, Op. 119) Composed By – S. Prokofiev. A low, unpretentious cello solo raises the curtain; out of the piano's occasional comments grows a little tune whose steady chordal accompaniment is soon taken over by the cello's striking pizzicato chords. Capuçon's elegant, singing tone responds especially well to the Andante, with gentle exchanges between the instruments. Looking at the music of his youth we might be forced to agree; but the G major second theme of the Andante grave proves beyond any doubt what can be learned through a lifetime of work -- it is rich, full, and exceedingly flexible. WhatsApp. Twitter. 119 This page lists all recordings of Cello Sonata in C major, Op. Piano – Anton Ginsburg 2 - Sonatas Nos. Rostropovich himself never recorded the sonata although he is known to have performed it during his lifetime. [5] In addition to Isserlis, recordings were made by Alexander Ivashkin, Raphael Wallfisch, and Yan Levionnois. While the first subject of the exposition of the Andante was written entirely by Prokofiev, the second subject was partially written by his friend, the cellist Mstislav Rostropovich. 119. 19; Ballade op. 119 by Sergei Sergeievitch Prokofiev (1891-1953). Isserlis performed this work at the funerals of both Lina Prokofiev (the composer's first wife) and Oleg Prokofiev (the composer's youngest son). He might as a young man have revolted against that heritage, but he never escaped it, and in the Allegro ma non troppo he matches deeply lyrical "Russian" tunefulness with an easy gracefulness worthy of Haydn, and then adds the kind of impish rhythms and (late in the piece) virtuosic fire that will always say "Prokofiev" to us. Some scholars, such as Vladimir Blok, believe that the correct opus number is the one found on the manuscript itself – yet a consensus was never reached and therefore the Sonata for Solo Cello can now be found as Opus 133 or Opus 134 depending on the particular catalog, edition, or recording. Truls Mørk (cello) & Jean-Yves Thibaud & Lars Vogt (piano), Johannes Moser (cello) & Andrei Korobeinikov (piano), Han-Na Chang (cello), Antonio Pappano (piano), Lynn Harrell (cello), Vladimir Ashkenazy (piano), Laura van der Heijden (cello), Petr Limonov (piano), Matt Haimovitz (cello), Christopher O'Riley (piano), Gautier Capuçon (cello) & Gabriela Montero (piano), Pieter Wispelwey (cello) and Dejan Lazic (piano), Mstislav Rostropovich & Sviatoslav Richter. Facebook. & rev. Italian Suite (For Cello And Piano) Composed By – I. Stravinsky. October 27, 2020. 4, Classical Treasures Composer Series: Sergei Prokofiev, Vol. 9 & 10; Sonatinas Nos. This would likely have made sense if Prokofiev had completed the composition, but no part of the extant manuscript is in the key of in C♯ minor and Blok's reconstruction of the sonata is clearly based in the key F♯ minor. 134, in 1952. 119, Glière, Prokofiev: Great Russian Works for Cello, Prokofiev: Five Melodies for Violin & Cello; Visions Fugitives; Sonata for Cello and Piano, Rachmaninov, Prokofiev: Russian Cello Sonatas, Shostakovich, Britten, Prokofiev: Cello Sonatas, Sviatoslav Richter: Sensibler Exzentriker, Historical Russian Archives: Maria Yudina Edition, Russian Sonatas: Rachmaninov, Prokofiev, Shostakovich, Schnittke, Beethoven, Brahms, Grieg, Prokofiev: Sonatas for cello & piano, Prokofiev: Symphony for Cello & Orchestra, Prokofiev: Symphony-Concerto; Cello Sonata, Rhapsody: Cello Sonatas by Rachmaninov & Prokofiev, Music for Cello and Piano by Sergei Prokofiev & David Ward-Steinman, Prokofiev, Kabalevsky, Miaskovsky: Cello Sonatas, Historic Russian Archives: Mstislav Rostropovich Edition, Mischa Maisky and Martha Argerich in Concert, Prokofiev: Complete Works for Cello and Piano, Prokofiev: Flute & Violin & Cello Sonatas, Shostakovich, Prokofiev, Britten: Sonatas for Cello, Russian Classics: Rachmaninov, Shostakovich, Prokofiev, Chostakovich: Sonata, Op. This page lists all recordings of Cello Sonata in C major, Op. Prokofiev once said that he was no good at writing melodies. 119: pianist Sviastoslav Richter and cellist Msitislav Rostropovich. Prokofiev: Sinfonia Concertante in E minor for cello & orchestra, Op. Prokofiev's writing resumes at the beginning of the development section of the Andante, yet the rest of the movement – and the rest of the sonata – was left unwritten. Yan Levionnois - Prokofiev Sonata for Solo Cello. 134, in 1952. 5 in C major (orig. True Classical sonata-allegro form meets stunning, voluptuous melody in the opening movement. Johannes Moser and Andrei Korobeinikov bring both muscle and imagination to these two epic Russian sonatas. [1] The sonata was intended to be written in four movements, but as it was one of seven compositions which the composer was writing during this time, only the beginning of the first movement (marked Andante) was completed before Prokofiev's death in March 1953.[2]. 1 & 2; Cello Sonata, Saint-Saëns, Britten & Prokofiev: Sonatas, Sergei Prokofiev: Cello Sonata in C major; César Franck: Cello Sonata in A major; Gabriel Fauré: Piano Trio, Prokofjew: Sonate op. Tracklist: Sonata For Cello And Piano (In C Major, Op. Daniel Muller-Schott - Prokofiev Sonata for Solo Cello - (8:25). Performances generally run between 8 and 12 minutes. 119 for Cello and Piano; Shostakovich: Sonata Op. In the finale, Prokofiev makes little effort to hide the fact that he was steeped in the music of Rachmaninov and Tchaikovsky during his youth. 22 (Selections); Cello Sonata, Op. ), Three Pieces & Six Pieces & Ten Pieces from, Lina and Serge: The Love and Wars of Lina Prokofiev, Category:Compositions by Sergei Prokofiev, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Sonata_for_Solo_Cello_(Prokofiev)&oldid=970672217, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 1 August 2020, at 18:41. [7], In addition to the inconsistent opus number, the sonata is often cataloged as "Sonata for Solo Cello in C♯ minor". All rights reserved. Rostropovich & Richter: Sonatas for Cello and Piano. By 1949, when he composed the sonata, Prokofiev was in the last half-decade of his life; together, the Sonata, the Seventh Symphony (1951-1952), and the Sinfonia Concertante for cello and orchestra (1952) make a remarkable final threesome of instrumental pieces. Daniel Shafran -Cello- plays Prokofiev and Stravinsky. Prokofiev: Cello Sonata; Sinfonia Concertante, Prokofiev: Sonata Op. 119 by Sergei Sergeievitch Prokofiev (1891-1953). Prokofiev marked the sonata's manuscript itself with Opus 133, but when dictating a list of his final compositions to his second wife just before he died, he told her that the sonata was to be Opus 134. Prokofiev was among those composers officially condemned for "formalism" in 1948, and it is both fascinating and stirring to witness how successfully Prokofiev managed, in these last works, to create a music that seems perhaps utterly conservative but which still pushes new expressive buttons in quiet ways that the Pravda officials would surely never have been astute enough to hear. A1 Andante. 2, Classical Collection Master Series, Vol. Recorded on June 4th, 2020 at Studio Hall of the Royal Danish Academy of Music. 2 in A minor. Prokofiev was instantly inspired to write his own sonata for Rostropovich, and in that same year he produced the C major Sonata.

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