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First pass with a secret weapon, a small ¼ inch tungsten Red Frances tube, which would bounce tantalisingly across their noses, resulted in a minor eruption as the fly reached the end of its swing. We've had great experiences with Ann Smith at Quebec Sporting over about 10 years. Today, a unique fishway built in a 140-metre tunnel allows the salmon to reach the top of the river. There were 4 primary pools in our sector, although each area was really more of a beat than an individual pool. Salmon fishing it may not be, but as the sun went down we made our way to the beach and joined a line of ten or more locals who were lined up with 20ft or so between them, all fly-fishing and with support crews behind with campfires burning, beers and barbecues. Our Aim is to share our combined knowledge of fly fishing holidays and fly fishing vacations around the world to make your next river fishing, lake fishing or salt-water fly fishing holiday the best ever. You can either rent a car at the airport or transport to and from the airport can be arranged. This area would be split between a max of 8 anglers and although you fished pools on a first come first served basis, as we discovered there were fish in all of them. Here are 5 recommendations for crystal-clear rivers where you can try your hand at fishing for the king of our waters! Where however it really stands alone is in its almost unparalleled water clarity. Alcoholic drinks outside of wine at meals extra. Located on the south shore of Quebec's Gaspe peninsula the Grand Cascapedia is over 80 miles long and has over 100 pools. No other river has the prestige or exclusivity that the Grand commands. Its history as a salmon river stretches back to the earliest days of salmon fishing and even in the late 1800's a rod on the river was highly coveted. The stay at Plante Hotel was excellent. The Cascapedia sources in the Chic-Choc mountain range and battles its way down river, in and around spruce and alder forests, to the Bay of Chaleurs, a distance of approx. The Saint-Jean, one of the clearest rivers in the world, offers an all-inclusive salmon-fishing experience as it was envisioned by the sport’s earliest practitioners at the Saint-Jean Pavilion, an outfitter’s lodge. No matter what your level of experience, the York, Dartmouth and St-Jean Rivers will know how to deliver the thrills, wild natural landscapes and memorable challenges you seek. The Grand Cascapedia for the most part parallels Route 299: however above the junction where the Lake and Salmon Branches of the Cascapedia join it really disappears into the wilderness. Located on the north side of the Gaspé Peninsula, the Madeleine River flows for 150 km from the Chic-Choc Mountains to the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The Petite Cascapedia, along with the Bonaventure, both source from high in the Chic Choc Mountains. The fight was strong and made all the more interesting by the fact that visibility was close to zero in the inky dark of the night, save for the odd firework in the distance. Water levels were down and water temperatures were up. We will never forget our fly fishing on the York river. Typically the Cascapedia carries a slight tea colour reflecting its drainage area and usually has a good volume of water with well-defined pools. Built on a bluff overlooking Trout Brook Pool it has a commanding 180-degree view of the Grand Cascapedia River below. With an annual run of 3000 to 5000 fish and 18-kg catches that are not uncommon, the Matapédia River lives up to its reputation as one of the best salmon rivers in Québec. If ever there was an illustration as to what made fishing these rivers so spectacular this is as fine an illustration as you could ask for without the enviable 'trophy' shot. Despite renewed vigour, which saw a fairly comprehensive assortment of flies and techniques tried, there was no further action. The two anglers who unwittingly found themselves the focus of a video camera and a long photographic lens were in their 70's and 80's respectively. 10th June big fish should have reached the upper stretches of the Grand Cascapedia and numbers will increase throughout June and July. This in itself is an unmissable way to fish and see the length of the river. The Grand Cascapedia carries with it the name, the history and typically the biggest fish on the Gaspe however, the quality and variety of fishing on the Petite and Bonaventure are an easy equal. There are many ways to travel to the Lodge, the closest airport is located … Over the 2 hours we fished we caught a ½ dozen fish each ranging from 3-8lbs, although they get much bigger. Ann runs a very well organised outfitting service, arranging guiding and water access rights for visiting anglers. Water conditions are low at the moment and should remain the same over the next week. July and August are the best months to fish with a dry fly. The night was breathless and having waded out into the sea you cast at splashes and ripples that come closer and closer as the night closes in. And when a fish actually expresses an interest then it is in another league: similar to some Icelandic rivers but when the fish are 20-40lbs...!! Warning, you may get hooked to angling in Gaspésie! Given that temperatures had climbed into the 30's by mid-morning this was a notable achievement. Best fished with a single or a short double-handed rod there is a good variety of gravel, freestone and ledge type pools. It is hard to imagine more sophisticated or comfortable fishing lodges. Bedrooms are en-suite and sumptuously decorated, many of which have commanding views onto the Grand Cascapedia. Double-handed rods were definitely out, whilst small flies and good presentation were definitely in. The Darmouth River, which offers stunning scenery, will appeal to solitary anglers since it does not get much traffic. Not quite the peaty colour of many Scottish Salmon rivers but not nearly as clear as the Bonaventure or Petite. The Grand Cascapedia in Canada’s Gaspe Peninsula represents the crown jewels in terms of Atlantic salmon fishing in North America. Please tell us about your trip to Eastern Canada and attach any photographs you would like to share. York river adult 1575 grilse 399 total 1974dartmouth adult 823 grilse 82 total 905St Jean river adult 770 grilse 430 total1200. Hotels near Site d'interpretation de la culture Micmac de Gespeg, Hotels near (YGP) Metropolitan Area Airport, Site d'interpretation de la culture Micmac de Gespeg, Le Sanctuaire Notre-Dame-de-Pointe-Navarre Shrine, Site d'interpretation de la culture Micmac de Gespeg: Tickets & Tours‎, Promenade Jacques Cartier: Tickets & Tours‎, Le Sanctuaire Notre-Dame-de-Pointe-Navarre Shrine: Tickets & Tours‎, Cap d’Espoir Lighthouse: Tickets & Tours‎, Galerie d`art Claude Cote: Tickets & Tours‎, Centre de Ski Mont-Bechervaise: Tickets & Tours‎, Bureau D'Accueil Touristique De Gaspe: Tickets & Tours‎, The Great Sea and Mountains Tour- Day Tours, Whale-Watching Cruise in Forillon National Park. Emerald green and incredibly clear water made the Bonaventure one of the visually most spectacular places you could want to fish. The impressive 25-metre Grand-Sault waterfall used to prevent salmon from travelling all the way up this river. The River is divided into 7 sectors. Originating in Parc national de la Gaspésie, the Bonaventure River runs for 125 km (65 km of which are open to fishing) before flowing into Chaleur Bay. October 4th,2020 final salmon count on Gaspe rivers are as follows and were better this year. Are you already picturing the magnificent salmon you will catch in Gaspésie? Highly recommend. No other salmon river in North America conjures up the majesty of the Atlantic Salmon better than the Grand Cascapedia. The rivers are gin clear. Each river has a slightly different rulebook and although on the whole it runs at odds with European Salmon rivers the system allows for the most part private or restricted access fishing. A quick inspection as to the population density along our route / intended destination would probably have led me to the conclusion that this was unlikely to be a bullet train! A good bankside lunch later and a move to another pool resulted in yet another fish to the net. Fishing 3 of the most prestigious Atlantic Salmon Rivers in Canada, availability is always very very limited. The Petite Cascapedia is one of the most intimate rivers on the Gaspe, although it maintains a run of salmon in the 30-40lb range, comparable with those of the Grand Cascapedia. The fishing at Salmon Lodge is focused on the Grand Cascapedia but over a week, you should have the opportunity to fish both the Bonaventure and Petit Cascapedia, subject to availability. Weighted Clouser Minnows seemed to work as well as anything and before long there would be a crunching take, quite at odds with the genteel pull of a salmon.

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