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Wineskin definition, a bag, usually of goatskin, for carrying wine and having a spigot from which one drinks. In my excitement over the implications of Christ’s new wine, I wrote more than could be contained in a single sermon. The new wineskins saying has often been taken to mean that Christianity is superior to Judaism and will replace it. He is our God forever and ever, […], An Act and Symbol of Love Perhaps one of the most startling of the early Christian interpretations of the cross was that it was all about love. On Thursday, February 8, I wrote the sermon called, simply, “New Wine.” In this sermon I warned folks about the fatal disease of “Oldwineskinitis,” what which kills churches and debilitates disciples. Figure 5: The Great Tun of Heidelberg. It was only when the bottle was laid on its side and the cork submerged that it could accomplish long-term preservation similar to the amphora. Here are some other blogs you may also enjoy: Red Letters with Tom Davis Recent prayer post on Prayables Most Recent Inspiration blog post Happy Reading! I confessed in Sunday’s sermon that I am by nature a conservative “old winer.” That’s true for my personal life as well as my church preferences. The second week in February brought me to Luke 5:37-38, a passage about new wine and old wineskins: And no one puts new wine into old wineskins; otherwise the new wine will burst the skins and will be spilled, and the skins will be destroyed. Bottles had previously been seen as an unreliable measure of wine as each was individually blown by a glass blower and, in turn, held inconsistent volumes of liquid. In order to make their containers air and watertight, the Romans used heated resin known as pitch to line the dolia and plaster to patch them where needed. If they do, the wine will burst the skins, and both the wine and the wineskins will be ruined. Given the historical precedent for change in wine containers, the bottle shouldn’t be heralded as a classic as it is a relatively modern concept. Whereas the Romans called their large earthenware jars, dolium, the Greeks named them pithoi. Church folk tended to be unhappy with this book, while collegians like me loved The Problem of Wineskins. But new wine must be put into fresh wineskins. Living with the Saints in your Domestic Church. It’s easy in our day, when crosses are religious symbols, attractive ornaments, and trendy jewelry to associate the cross with love. Figure 4: Roman Wine Boat with Cargo of Amphorae, second or third century AD. And people do not pour new wine into old wineskins. No one sews a patch of unshrunk cloth on an old garment. Jesus used an image familiar to his audience – new and old wineskins. Blaise Pascal was a French mathematician and philosopher. No, they pour new wine into new wineskins. And if there ever comes a time when I’m not the best person to help contain and communicate the new wine of the gospel here, then new pastoral wineskins are needed. When I was in college, The Problem of Wineskins by Howard Snyder stirred up lots of controversy. I tend to hold on tenaciously to my favorite wineskins, including those that may have outlived their usefulness. When closed, these amphorae were so tightly sealed that they were able to preserve wine and facilitate longevity which accounts for the vintage wines attested to in antique sources. In the eighteenth century, physician and politician Sir Edward Barry observed the Port shippers’ attempts to age wine in bottle and associated the practice with aging wine in the ancient amphorae. Matt is passionate about reaching and discipling young adults, small groups, and teaching. The Lord Jesus gives us wisdom so we can use both the old and the new. But new wine must be put into fresh wineskins. Much research has gone into understanding the way amphorae were stored and utilized. Ostia. Thus I am challenged to surrender my life to the Lord, to offer to Him all that I am. Keep doing this, and you’ll be looking for a new job!” The Magazine Basic Theme by Dissecting Current Research Related to Wine, The History of Wine Containers: Featuring Guest Writer Emily Kate. Despite its benefits, consumers and professionals alike seem to have a hard time accepting the bag-in-box wine cask in lieu of the classic wine bottle. R RLast Updated: July 14th, 2020Uncategorized. Please see the end of this post for her full bio. Eventually, the terracotta jar fell out of favor and the barrel took its place. But more permanent storage for a higher volume of wine was also necessary and came in the form of pottery. Interested in learning more about the history of art on wine artifacts? Figure 3: Import wine casks being towed inland. Although seen as an inelegant solution, the bag-in-box cask should not be dismissed. If the bottle was a return to the airtight ancient amphora, the bag-in-box is an homage to the malleable biblical wineskin. In addition to her studies at Columbia, she has attended the Wine and Spirit Education Trust: International Wine Center where she has earned her Intermediate and Advanced certification with honors. Amen. Mosaic from Tebessa in Algeria. Great article. New wine calls for new wineskins. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Stay tuned . “I make all things new,” he says. To read this series, Why Move? But in the New Testament, the bridegroom is the Son of God and the bride is His church” (Mark, 47). The advantage of airtight containers was acknowledged by first century AD Roman agronomist Columella who warned his readers against buying ollas bibulas aut male coctas, or jars which are porous or badly baked, and advised them to apply an inner lining and outer coating to the jars to create a tighter seal for the wine. The new wine is the point. And my finances? The industry has been more accepting of accessories that alter the effects of the problem rather than the container that aims to eliminate it. In biblical sources, wine was brought home from the fermentation vat in a wineskin and travelers, including David and the Gibeonites, favored the wineskin for its lightness. : Who Can You Trust? In principle I know that God’s plans are always the best. Joshua 9:4 - they also acted craftily and set out as envoys, and took worn-out sacks on their donkeys, and wineskins worn-out and torn and mended, Jesus says the kingdom of heaven is like a householder who brings out of his treasure what is new and what is old (Mt 13:52). The truth of God’s Word is the point. Modeled after the Port bottles of the time, the original wine bottles were short and squat with protruding necks. Early in 2007 I had my own, personal problem of wineskins, but it didn’t have to do so much with the church as with my own discipleship. Check out Mark’s fine post. But […], Can We Find God in the City? Cato spoke of using planks of oak wood to strengthen earthenware fermenting vats but not using wood by itself.

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