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This post may contain affiliate links. Made with grated carrots and then frosted with a delicious cream cheese frosting, these Eggless Carrot Cake Cupcakes are perfect for parties, family, and friends. All rights reserved. "These little balls of sin are just too easy to make for the amount of satisfaction they bring to your mouth," says reviewer Jim Nethercott. If you are allergic to eggs, you'll be happy to know these eggless recipes are safe to eat and will satisfy your sweet tooth. "I included a garnish of ripe blackberries and raspberries on top to cut the richness of it.". “I am allergic to egg whites and have always felt left out when it came to desserts. Molly, Credit: No problem. Learning2cook. Sheila LaLonde, Credit: "Easy peasy, nice and healthy!". "Crowd pleaser! An easy, fully make-ahead dessert, that everyone will LOVE! I came across your blog accidentally and have fallen in love :)) I just made these brownies for my kids and they are scrumptious. My toddler and preschooler have gobbled them up too.“. Scotdog, Credit: I waited until they were completely done to tell one of the kids, they were eating avocados...seeing how they don't like them," says reviewer Melissa Goff. Check out this of list 15 Amazing Desserts You Can Make Without Eggs. This easy dessert is the perfect showstopper for any occasion. “This cake is just what my family needed! I intend to try all your eggless recipes….“. “OMG these were AMAZING!!! My kids and their friends gobble them up. This recipe makes the BEST Eggless Cheesecake you will ever try! Elephant Ears. I plan on chilling the remainder, and I can't wait to try it cold," says reviewer SueF. Pure convenience and amazingly delicious! "Dust them with powdered sugar and you have a decadent treat with the benefit of more protein, more fiber, and fewer fat calories. This simple cobbler uses pantry-staples to dress up fresh peaches. A must have recipe that I am passing on to everyone. Trust me ,I have tried one before and it wasn’t as moist as this. Thank you for this 'few ingredient' recipe!" I’ve rounded up loads of recipes for DESSERTS WITHOUT EGGS for those days when you’re out of eggs and don’t want to visit the grocery store! “Hiya I’m way out in the Caribbean and my bf can’t have eggs. This Eggless Banana Cake is rich and dense, yet light and moist. From decadent fruit cobblers to light and fluffy puddings, here are 20 easy desserts made without eggs. Some people know them as 'Puddingwiches'. It’s buttery, moist and rich. This HEALTHY LOW CARB TURKEY CHILI recipe is easy to make and full of flavor! To make a dairy-free dessert, I created chocolate peanutty bars. ©2020 Oriana Romero Photography. "So easy and delicious," says reviewer Adelaide. Eat, Credit: "I made these for fellowship at church tomorrow," says reviewer lorlak. "So easy and so delicious," says reviewer Wendy Cunningham Willson. I did a search and your recipe called to me. "Simple & delicious! Having the need to cook without eggs can have many reasons: In my case, my youngest daughter was diagnosed with an egg allergy at a very young age. Sign up for FREE recipes, tips, and more! "The juice from the fruit cooks out to produce enough moisture to make this cobbler delicious. or you simply ran out of eggs (it happens more than you think). "I've been looking for pie recipes that don't ask for instant pudding mix. These recipes range from cookies to cakes to no bake treats…whatever you’re craving, I bet we have the recipe here! They turned out wonderful. "I would recommend this simple recipe for pretty much any type of fruit," says reviewer Becky Coulter Stinnett. "My kids really liked this recipe. That’s when my adventure of cooking without eggs begun. Applesauce is a surprisingly good substitute for eggs and helps baked goods retain moisture. We have egg allergy in the family and was so excited to be able to make dounts without eggs. Karly Updated on: 3/27/2020. Perfect for breakfast, brunch, snack, or even dessert. Moist Chocolate Cake (No Eggs, No Butter) posted by Elena Tomasi /// 506 Comments ». To see him devour the banana bread makes me feel like a baking champion.“. 63 Desserts without Eggs! "Serve with your favorite topping of ice cream or Cool Whip®. "I gave these to coworkers for Christmas and almost all of them asked for the recipe." 15 Amazing Desserts You Can Make Without Eggs Roundup. Its sweet buttery flavor and light and moist texture make it perfect to celebrate ... Eggless Vanilla Cupcakes. These Easy Eggless Chocolate Donuts are to die for!! “I will for sure! I used white whole wheat flour, and they turned out great. The Best Brown Butter Salted Rice Krispies® Treats, ABC Pudding - Avocado, Banana, Chocolate Delight, Allrecipes is part of the Meredith Food Group. No Bake Chocolate Oat Bars. Boost your rice cereal treats with a little bourbon, browned butter, and sea salt. I’d love to see what you cook! aburch, Credit: That's why we've found, vetted, and collected 60+ egg-free dessert recipes just for you! ~JustLuvToBake~, Credit: Box yellow cake mix, butter, and canned peaches are all that's needed to make this easy recipe. It’s low calorie, low carb but high in yumminess. Desserts like brownies, ice cream and cookies can all be easily made without eggs so you can still indulge in a sweet treat. Fluffy, moist, chocolatey, rich and delicious! That was a shock to our family. Love what you see? “The cupcakes were a success! "Simple quick recipe of berries of your choice, with a brown sugar oats crumble crust that is my husband's absolute favorite treat in the summer," says recipe creator Kari. The ice cream is a unique twist on traditional kolachkes, and it's simplest to use a square cookie cutter to cut the dough. They all are delicious, easy to make and will satisfy your sweet tooth for good! I took a whole pan to a cookout and brought it home empty," says reviewer LanaShoaf. Put overripe bananas and avocado to use in this easy, low-calorie dessert. ", Reviewer lutzflcat says, "The ease of preparation and elegant simplicity make this dessert spectacular. It’s so good, you’ll want to make 2 loaves. Whether you have an egg allergy or you simply don't have any eggs on hand, these recipes were made for everyone to enjoy. They’re made completely from scratch with ingredients you probably have at home. “I am so glad I found this recipe! “I made these blueberry muffins this morning and they were moist and delicious! Subscribe to Mommy’s Home Cooking so you’ll never miss a recipe! "As far as Rice Krispy treats go these are by far the best I've ever tasted! There are so many things that have eggs…I had no idea what I was going to do. Thanks so much for the recipe!“. I will be making it again soon. Elephant Ears. A delicious and melt-in-your-mouth classic dessert that will leave everyone asking for seconds. I’m allergic to eggs and haven’t had cheesecake in forever. Its sweet buttery flavor and light and moist texture make it perfect to celebrate any occasion! We’re desert people. Mashed banana, applesauce, and mashed sweet potato are three common options used to replace eggs in baked desserts. Do you have a favorite eggless dessert recipe you’d like to share? But switching up your side dishes can bring a refreshing change to a classic comfort food dish. This Eggless Vanilla Cake Recipe is the bomb!! Definitely a keeper! Many desserts such as cakes, sweet breads, and cookies contain eggs, and making adjustments to those recipes isn't always straightforward. This It’s simple and classic recipe bakes perfectly every time and you won’t miss the eggs at all. "I loved it because it was so easy, they loved it because it was equally delicious. ", Credit: Linda (LMT), Credit: Thank you for putting together this blog, love it!.“. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. This Eggless Red Velvet Cake is moist, rich, and amazingly tasty! Leave a comment sharing what it is below. THANK YOU Oriana!“. While some might have you believe you can't make a delicious dessert without eggs, it's simply not true. "A must have at any family potluck, church dinner or holiday gathering," says reviewer Sarah Jo. 30 minutes was just perfect. Best recipe. Plus, amazingly easy to make and scrumptious. Thanks to you, I can now eat this delicious cheesecake!!!!“. Ready in 15 minutes. Read our. Whoopie pie cake is such a rich, moist chocolate cake filled with … This is the recipe you have been looking for! 'Tembleque,' which means 'wiggly,' is a creamy coconut pudding," says recipe creator JoGuzman0820. The browned butter really gives it a wonderful depth of flavor as well as the bourbon.". This Eggless Chocolate Cheesecake is indulgently rich and creamy! My family loved it," says reviewer Wanda H. Curley. “Thanks for the recipe.

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