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2004, Buehler et al. Jones, J., J.J. Barg, T.S. The Canadian range for the species is concentrated mainly in two geographic breeding clusters in Ontario; i) in Carolinian forests between lower Lake Huron and Lake Ontario, and ii) in a band extending east from southeastern Georgian Bay toward a relatively dense concentration at the Frontenac Axis near the eastern end of Lake Ontario. James, R.D. Wilson Bulletin 108: 673–684. Its range is somewhat patchy and not contiguous throughout the areas occupied, and there have been casual sightings outside the breeding range (COSEWIC 2003). As with exotic pests and disease, outbreaks native insects can reduce habitat quality for Cerulean Warblers, with effects that include defoliation of a forest canopy and the outright loss of tree individuals due to disease. Squares are 10x10km. 2007. My personal discovery of my own "state" bird was one of my better finds 2008. Buehler, D.A., J.J. Giocomo, J. Jones, P.B. 2006). The Auk 118(3): 727–735. 2004. The Breeding Birds of Quebec: Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Southern Quebec. 2009. Habitat Management Guidelines for Warblers of Ontario’s Northern Coniferous Forests, Mixed Forests or Southern Hardwood Forests. I passed the driveway for the ProAves Lodge, found the path that winds through the pastures and hoofed it uphill towards the forest. All of my California records are listed below. were The Minister of the Environment will endeavour to support implementation of this plan, given available resources and varying species at risk conservation priorities. Although the minimum patch size in the eastern Ontario population is reported to be smaller than those reported elsewhere (COSEWIC 2003), this population is suspected to be unstable due to low breeding success and high mortality (Jones et al. Cerulean Warbler reproduction, survival, and modes of population decline. - RNA Reinita Cielo Azul, Santander, Colombia, Smooth-billed Ani - RNA Reinita Cielo Azul, Santander, Colombia, Black-winged Saltator - RNA Reinita Cielo Azul, Santander, Colombia. 910–911 In J. Gauthier and Y. Aubry (eds.) receive were awake and singing at this early hour but few other birds were, other than the occasional Common Pauraque and one Mottled Owl. 1984. Implementing actions will be contingent upon each organization’s or agency’s priorities and budgetary constraints.3 The Cerulean Warbler Technical Group is an international initiative to bring together researchers, conservation organizations, and governments for the purpose of Cerulean Warbler conservation. J. Tardif. S1S2) is used to indicate a range of uncertainty about the status of the species or community. Cerulean Warblers require mature forests with well–spaced large trees and high canopies with dense foliage for breeding habitat (Jones and Robertson 2001). In such a case, despite best efforts described in this plan to ensure that sufficient suitable habitat is available and key threats are mitigated, the numbers of Cerulean Warbler in Canada may continue to decline. A Lined Quail-Dove walked past me, a Black Inca hovered in the nearby midstory, and a few minutes later, a Wattled Guan landed on the path! The results of the SEA are incorporated directly into the plan itself, but are also summarized below in this statement. Conduct research to determine the relative significance of wintering, migration, and breeding range threats on Canadian populations. The huge guan noticed me rather quickly and flew up into the trees where it joined a second individual. 2001). Regroupement Québec Oiseaux and Environment Canada, Canadian Wildlife Service, Quebec. D.A. 2004). DeBruyn, J J. Barg, and R.J. Robertson. 2009. 2006. Peck, G.K and R.D. An apparent decrease in mean forest patch size in southern Ontario (Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources 2006) suggests that the overall increase may be composed of small scattered patches, which do not provide suitable habitat for breeding Cerulean Warblers. A pair of Gorgeted Wood-Quails, their rollicking song echoing from a distant valley. Oliarnyk, C.J. As the afternoon turned to evening the thrushes came out of the woodwork and I finally managed a decent(ish) photo of a Yellow-legged Thrush. Environment Canada. Welton, M., D.L. 2006. A number of actions to achieve these objectives are proposed in this management plan, and are not expected to have any significant negative effects on other species. individuals from a given breeding area are generally connected to a specific geographic area for the winter period) has been shown to exist in Cerulean Warblers and may hinder conservation of this species, as declines in a given wintering area will likely exacerbate declines in the corresponding breeding area, and vice versa (Jones et al. Migration habitat and stopover ecology of Cerulean Warblers and other nearctic–neotropical migrant songbirds in northern Central America: Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico 2007. I arranged a list of eleven target species, of which four were Colombian endemics. Cerulean Warbler (Dendroica cerulea) is a small wood–warbler (family Parulidae) that breeds in a few areas in southern Ontario and southwestern Quebec. The loss and fragmentation of humid montane forest on the wintering grounds are identified as threats to the Canadian populations of Cerulean Warbler (COSEWIC 2003). Dendroica Environnement et Faune, Chelsea. Other commonly–used song–post trees identified in this study include sugar maple (Acer saccharum), white ash (Fraxinus americana), and oaks (Quercus spp.). There are intrinsic factors that could be limiting to this species, including high site fidelity and migratory connectivity. The conversion of suitable breeding habitat for human use is a major threat to the persistence of Cerulean Warbler in Canada (COSEWIC 2003). The planning process based on national guidelines directly incorporates consideration of all environmental effects, with a particular focus on possible impacts upon non–target species or habitats. My original plan was to stay in a hotel in San Vicente and arrange for a motorbike to take me up the rough road to the reserve the next morning. Sutherland. Cerulean Warblers demonstrate sensitivity to edge effects up to 340 m into the forest, with abundance positively correlated to the distance from the edge (Wood et al. Data collection for the first atlas referred to in the legend was from 1981–1985. COSEWIC Assessment and Update Status Report on the Cerulean Warbler Dendroica ceruleain Canada. Territories usually contain high canopies with dense foliage, though some studies have found that internal canopy gaps appear to be important (COSEWIC 2003). The numbers and letters are appended to G (global rank, for the whole range), N (national rank for within a nation), or S (sub–national rank, for a province or state). Beachy, D.W. Varble, C.P. 2004), and may not respond to habitat degradation at a particular breeding site by moving to more suitable habitat (COSEWIC 2003), which could result in breeding in suboptimal habitat and, potentially, reduced productivity. 2007. Anderson, T. Beachy, G. Colorado, and E.S. A relatively long migration distance and protracted migration periods in the spring (2 months) and fall (4 months) mean that Cerulean Warblers are subjected to a long duration of high physiological stress and an increased exposure to predation (COSEWIC 2003). Figure 2. Hamel, P.B. The abundance of breeding Cerulean Warblers was found to be increased with an increase in patch size and a decrease in forest edge in a West Virginia population (Wood et al.

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