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Actually, I know I didn’t do that last part. Before all this he was only eating dry food. When the assistant came in with the towel we put in on the table but I kept kissing him and caressing telling him to sleep. Pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas) is a common gastrointestinal disorder in dogs and cats. The true incidence of the disease is unknown, however, as many dogs and cats have mild disease and are not presented to a veterinarian. My boy has bouts of pancreatitis. It dilutes the acid causing the pancreatitis and eases their nausea, so their appetite comes back. Give the doctors permission to provide all the supportive care she needed, including a blood transfusion and see how she was the next day. I had to put my cat of 16 years to sleep July 4, 2014. I made the appointment for the next day wanting one more day with her, but she died early (about 1:30am) that morning in my arms. I would never forgive myself if I hadn’t been, even though it was the very early morning. I don’t know how he does this week in and week out. The last thing he knew was that he was safe in my arms, and very tired. But I feel like if I try to stop feeling guilty or sad, that I would be betraying him. I was on the phone with her when he came to and I could hear his cries. Try to make it as quiet and peaceful as we can. Very interesting to hear the other perspective. I am nauseous with guilt and turmoil. I’m hoping she was like me on ativan when unable to fall asleep (eg, on a plane): sedate/feeling good with the occasional burst of resistance. And if there is a next time, you will know then that you can hold your cat. bewailknot (2894) “Great Answer” (1) Flag as… ¶ I am so, so very sorry, my dear friend, @Ltryptophan. Best of luck to Frankie. However, a new test has become available that may improve our ability to achieve a diagnosis of this elusive disease in cats. He has been chronically ill (diabetes) but stable. We give medication to prevent nausea and acid reflux, so that the cat’s appetite can return to normal. I not a professional but it sounds like your kitty wasnt suffering as u think, dont be so hard on yourself. The decision to put him doen was probably correct but to never has had a few moments witb him forfore would have meant alot to me. $1200 and 4 bouts later I finally figured it out. Hope you are feeling a little less guilty. As he fell asleep, the vet took him to the back to put the cathetor into his front paw. But I know its not, and it won’t be. I knew she wouldn’t make it that long. That alone hurt me so much. He simply stopped living. From what you have described, I wouldn't immediately jump to the conclusion that it is time to put your cat to sleep. We actually tried several different cocktails of medicine to try to keep him eating so he didn’t slip into fatty liver disease. It’s such a personal thing that it’s almost impossible to judge. MUCH luckier. And then the vet – a man – starts crying along with us and we’re all in tears and can’t stop for a long time. No ones ever spoken to me about what was wrong tho his med records mentioned heart failure. Powered by Sysgen Media. It is also an “exocrine” organ – it produces enzymes that are involved in digestion of food. This is no longer the case. Oh Karla, I’m so sorry. I think pancreatitis is much more common, because I examine many sick cats. While in many respects, I think of euthanasia as a privilege to perform when suffering is the alternative, nevertheless, it is always hard on me. Be extra careful when using pesticides for it may contain toxins that will trigger the disease. I wish I could say I had a peaceful experience but I still haven’t recovered fully from the events that night. My last cats death seemingly happened so fast, a day and a half, since I noticed him hiding. He can't tolerate store-bought wet food, and won't eat the Purina EN wet food, so he's on 100 percent Purina EN gastroenteric dry. To help regain lost nutrients during the initial pancreatitis attacks, vitamin B12 injections will be given. Came back after 5 mins with him. It’s still early for understanding the role that the gut microbiome may play in pancreatic disease. We have to rely on their response to treatment to decide how they are doing. This information is not intended to create, and receipt or viewing does not constitute, a doctor-patient relationship. I was shocked by how devastated we were when our family dog died. Devastated, had to put cat to sleep today (16 Posts) Add message | Report. Has your vet discussed IBS as a potential cause for your kitty? He loved her and wanted her home and healthy. I desperately didn’t want to have to bring her into the office for this so I found a vet who could come right away. My experience was peaceful. A low fTLI is a meaningful find. *. Maybe a trip to the office to see our kind, gentle vet would have been better. The disorder cannot be diagnosed based on historical or clinical signs alone, because the clinical signs (lethargy, inappetance, weight loss, vomiting, diarrhea) mimic many other diseases in cats and are not specific for pancreatitis. By leaving a comment, you agree with the collection of your data by this website as per our Privacy Policy. Non-prescribed medications should be avoided as they might increase inflammation. Content may not be reproduced without prior written consent. Nothing on this site should be taken as medical advice for any individual case or situation. Know more about preventive measures prior to different cat health concerns here! Read on to know more. Not as hard as it is for clients who don’t want to give up, but emotionally trying. All Rights Reserved. The typical affected cat is usually greater than ten years of age and has been losing weight for several months. I’m a vet tech! In January he was diagnosed with a serious bladder and kidney infection. The fact is, though, I think the cats and dogs who have loving owners and send them to their last sleep at (hopefully) just the right time, are luckier than people. If a guardian knows that they will be too distraught if they remain present at the end, the cat will pick up on the guardian’s distress, and not being present, in those cases, is a loving choice in that particular situation. The vet suspected pancreatitis. It still makes my cry as I write this to have to break his heart. These things live with us forever. Neela- I’m sorry to hear about your experience and sympathize with how frustrated you feel with not being told what was wrong. I desperately hope it wasn’t as bad for her as I fear. Pancreatitis in cats can be very tricky because of our inability to monitor the pancreas well. Rainbow Equine Hospital: A Mirror of a Human Hospital. I moved her to the kitchen table. Please let us know if you have any comments or questions. It's normal. I am glad you have a heart for people who have to euthanase their pets. Grace, please don’t feel guilty You did the best you could for him. I never got to hold my cat. If I hadn’t been there I couldn’t live with myself. A low level confirmed that the pancreas was under-producing these enzymes. So we took him back. Pain in the abdomen over the pancreas is variable, and many cats just don’t like being poked and prodded in their belly. I feel guilt at not letting my Mama Cat go before she died scared and in pain in my arms. It IS hard on them. We are very lucky to have a cat-only vet center, and they walked us through two euthanasias, and while it was heart-breaking in both cases it was the right thing to do, and our vets walked us through the experience with such compassion and grace – it made very difficult days a little easier. My girl didn’t thank me for the sub-q fluids every few hours, but I think it was a huge help in her recovery. Rob, I don’t think that necessarily means that your cat suffered. Once I realized he can't have ANY wet food, he hasn't suffered a bout. Also, these enzymes are excreted by the kidney, and the presence of concurrent kidney disease (which is fairly common in cats) can falsely elevate the serum amylase and lipase levels. I worked in a shelter and I can remember seeing cats who were to be euthanized who had been given the sedative, and their heads were usually lolling and they were drooling. Intravenous fluid therapy in crucial, to keep the pancreas well perfused with blood. She said oh, no, this won’t do – I have to go. She made sure I had time to say goodbye, and explained the whole process to me. I respect when people don’t want to be there, but I feel the animal will feel better if their owners are there, at least feel more comfort. This was on 5-14-2012 and she said he was suffering , gave him the fatal shot and left. There’s also a med called Cerenia that the vet can give to help with the nausea as well. It is a quantitative measure of a specific enzyme activated in acute pancreatic inflammation.

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cat pancreatitis put to sleep

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