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These are all 600 rpm auto rifles except for Tommy's matchbook which is 720. Where if you miss a shot, you're out. By the end it was my favourite AR. Do the bungie devs know about the problem and how they’re doing way too much damage? The 600 RPM auto rifles which have dominated this season will have their damage toned down, though they'll still be stronger than they were before their most recent buff. On the PvE side, everyone's favorite sword, Falling Guillotine, is getting a well-deserved nerf as well. 0: 33: 10: 360: 31: Duality Then in the recommendation you but the longest scopes as A tier and the 0 zoom as B tier. The Forward Path from Y1 IB has the best stats of any legendary kinetic 600 AR. It cuts off all but their shoulders and head. This bad boy still does wonders and cause it has rampage when teams bunch up its brutal. Inititial: 24 crit , 600 RPM, 0.8s ( 8 Crits + 1 Body ) 1 - 12 rounds, Spin Up: 24 crit, 720 RPM, 0.66s ( 8 Crits + 1 Body ) 13 - 24 Rounds, Full Spin Up: 26 crit, 900 RPM, 0.46s ( 6 Crit + 1 Body ) 25 - 36 Rounds. Revoker is untouched, so meta is more likely going to be Summoner or Waking Vigil, or for people who have good rolls of Galliaard-42 XN756, Gnawing Hunger, Arc Logic or Jack Queen King. I still stand by that SUROS Regime is not gonna be as meta as Hard Light was, simply because Suros isn't as lethal as Hard light and meta is generally maintained by Special weapons than primaries. Meanwhile, 180 RPM hand cannons have had their magazines extended by roughly 37%. There's a bit of a contradiction in your sight and scope recommendation though. As a HC main at the higher end of the spectrum I can say that I better play smart and better land those crits, or I'm doomed. He majored in journalism, loves to hate headlines, and never takes his Switch out of the dock. Also none of the Scope pers are trash, which is a very good thing, because many scopes can really make or break a weapon roll. I was curious if any weapons kill faster than the current 600 RPM ARs. It's the worst sight I've ever used. 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I was looking for someone mentioning Forward Path. Hard Light got balanced, And got balanced well, it still super consistent and easiest to use of the AR because of its Stat Package, but it can't hangout in 40 - 45m like it used to. You might be on to something about rampage, I have been running my Overflow Rampage Summoner and Quickdraw Rampage Galliard it's pretty great. All about Destiny 2: The epic, online-only looter-shooter MMO from Bungie, which launched in September of 2017. I don't think Hard Light is broken, it is very overtuned like Forsaked Season Ace Of Spades was. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Getting this weapon to drop can be a real pain, as weapon is random drop from forge completions and killing forge sabetours. © Scope: SPO - 26 Front, SPO - 28 Front, SPO - 57 Front, First Perk: Dynamic Sway, Tap The Trigger, Scope: SRO - 37 Ocular, SRO - 41 Ocular, SRO - 52 Ocular, Second Perk: KillClip, Moving Target, Rampage. I decided to complete the catalyst. I think this is the main thing with Arrowhead Brake: on guns with a recoil direction 60+, it's not as useful as a straight boost to stability; but below that, your recoil direction is going to cause inconsistencies. More accurately, all 150 RPM hand cannons will now be 140 RPM (minus Sunshot), and all 110 RPM models will be 120 RPM. Source: Forges, Black Armoury, Random Drop. there really is no arguing about it.Having, 100 stability, 100 Aim Assist, 100 Recoil Direction. It's excellent for duelling and 1v2. Arc Logic is the only farmable 600 AR out there, it does have a lot of B - Tier and a Trash - Tier perks but it also can roll with some really great conistency perks. They also come with a slick and exclusive shader, and all Adept-related loot can only be acquired from the Lighthouse by completing a flawless Trials card. You really should try a roll with more stability and range and learn the recoil direction, once you manage to learn it you will have an AR that is low recoil and more range and you can control it's recoil. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Maybe 600s should do less flinch and the range should be nerfed by 3m. I just got two new Galliards to drop. GamesRadar+ is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Note: This is my favourite exotic AR and my most used one, been using it since i got my hands on it in Season of Dawn. The 600 RPM auto rifles which have dominated this season will have their damage toned down, though they'll still be stronger than they were before their most recent buff. Also with Arrowhead, Ricochet, DSR, Rangefinder the stability and range is very usable you can use a different mod. GamesRadar+ is supported by its audience. If not, maybe just 0.5 damages less will be enough, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. No damage drop off gives Hard Light Infinite Range, plus it has super Ricochet rounds, that ricochet TWO times and do Double Damage, making it extremely useful to suppress players around corners and making this weapon a nightmare to deal with in small maps with tight corners. You get approximately the same reward from a high capacity auto rifle as a slow firing, single shot HC. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Bungie hopes to level the playing field and create more bespoke hand cannon subtypes with these changes, while also giving each subtype more distinct advantages. This one has SLO-26 Front or two Post sights. A weapon with a fast TTK but low ease of use (i.e, offering little forgiveness) might only work in the hands of a skilled player: Redrix’s Broadsword comes to mind. On reviewing recorded games the instant recovery in kills kicks in a lot too. The other has Light Mag, Under Pressure, Kill Clip and a Range Masterwork. * Important Note: I know that 35m range seems a lot, only Galliard-42 XN7568, Ether Doctor and Scathelocke are capable of reaching it, rest of them are limited to 26 to 30m Max. Its BS, first and foremost Hard Light is this heaviliy used because of Revoker, same for Summoner. These are 450 and 360 rpm respectively. The Summoner is the AR that came with the Trials, it has the very decent stats and very high handling, Does also roll some pretty good consistency perks. The biggest changes are tied to hand cannons, some of which are being outright removed from the game. It's really sad that it doesn't come with Legendary variant.

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